Any given morning

  On any given morning (weekday schedule – but I worked weekends, so “weekday” means Wed – Sun). 09:00 AM – wake up. bathroom. make green tea + mint tea, steep. move to living room. talk. 09:30 AM – pull lawn furniture into sun. lay about. talk. 10:00 AM – back to the kitchen. make […]

Molino Canyon Vista

We had gone up the mountain for the first time. It rained and hailed on us. I walked hand in hand with Roxanne through the storm along a stretch of the road up near Spencer Canyon. At one particularly intense point in the torrent, the sharp cold rain dripping down the back of my shirt […]

Where the Heart

  Roxanne arrived on August 12th, late at night. She arrived from NYC with two suitcases, and two small dogs. We drove home with our hands entwined. Drunk. High. Lunatics on the loose. Blasted out of our minds, blasted out of this plane. In Love. ALL IN love. Steeped, sauced, soaked, soggy, in Love. When […]

Tucson, the Home

  This was is will ever be, the US we know, the Us we feel by instinct. Our native ground, our state of coincidence, conjunction, convolution imperfect perfect past present future. Perfect. Tucson, at the heart of our home, 2009. Perfect


Somewhere anywhere it was a weekend… nothing else mattered. we were where you might have normally found us we were where you would never have found us somewhere off into the brush and woods along Catalina Highway, up around Mt. Lemmon. We escaped the desert, we escaped real life, we escaped everyone and everything for […]

Santa Catalina Mountains

  Naturally, luckily, as if by fate, I took Roxanne up to the Santa Catalina Mountains north of Tucson almost as soon as we began exploring our surroundings together. It was a place I had been visiting and enjoying for a decade, and fortunately for me, Roxanne loved it from the very first time we […]

Heart Inhabited

  We made home. We re-made home. In the image and likeness of our love, home was made. Simple in means, and long on labor, our little space in Tucson became the crucible in which our lives melded. The space became not only our stage, but an echo chamber, a graphic novel that played out […]

Entangled, day and night

Days Nights of losing ourselves and hours in conversation in touching in some fourth or ninetyseventh dimension of space/time beyond reach . . . ¬†beyond reach of the outside world. Entangled like two strangers on a deserted island. Waiting, pinning, for rescue in each other’s arms fully trusting that our love would form the vessel […]

The night, a hammock, and love

This picture was taken in the first 72 hours of our life together. It might as well be said, “this picture was taken in the first 72 hours of our life.” We had finally put flesh to word on the evening of August 12th, 2009, and had not left home since then. Oh… maybe we […]

Courting with Cameras

I was standing across the room from her, halfway hiding, half way showing off, behind the Sinar 4×5. I had loaded some of the last polaroid 669 film I still had (long expired). The first of these, the double exposure, was not intentional, it is the artifact of distraction, excitement, and the lingering disbelief that […]


Tucson, 2009. Roxanne, with henna in her hair. I, working with the UofA’s loaner Mamiya twin reflex, am falling in love. Some moments come through the lens like crystallizations of the memory, clearer and crisper, more focused than what the mind holds. Gone are the distractions of color, of full depth of field, of continuous […]

Tucson, 2009

                    In the days of yore… this was Tucson, 2009.   When film was film, and we were somewhere between two and one. Forging a new being, one shutter trip at a time. That was all we had, all we had time for, all we were, […]

April 29th 2015

… and there is little under the sky more beautiful to man’s heart, than his wife and child. We are starting anew. So many things, a new. Ever anew. There is nothing fixed in the cosmos, not the earth and sky, the mind, the heart, the body. All things are here, to come, and go. […]